Official Mobile App for Leading University

LU Bird is the official mobile application of leading university, primarily the feature include bus tracking and result.

Wonderful Fearures

This app is still on it's beta stage, currently with Bus Tracking and Result feature, slowly the other feature will be included.

Bus Tracking

Students can track the bus, studnets can see where the bus currently is.

Student Result

Students can view their latest result and also can check others result.


Students will be notified on any new notices from University using this application.

Campus Map

Studnets can see view university map which will help students to find places.


Using community students can chat and discuss with other students of university.

How this App Work ?

After launching the app for first time you need to go through few steps shown below.


Go to Sign Up

Enter your student ID and birthdate you registered with in University. You may need to tap few times while inputing your birthdate.


Creating Profile

Enter your name, email and a password to use in this app.


Log In

Enter your student ID and password you sign up with to login.



You can choose your desired feature from here. Also you can log out from sidemenu.


Bus Tracking

If you click on Bus tracking you can view current bus position. It may take few seconds to fetch the position.

LU Bird Screenshorts


Md. Asaduzzaman Khan

Assistant Professor, Head, CSE

Minhazul Haque Bhuiyan

Assistant Professor, CSE


Azharul Islam

Full Stack Developer

Foysol Ahmed

Web Application Developer

Jannatun Naher Ria

Front End Developer


Zahidur Rahman Razin

Hardware Expert

Debashish Das Dulon

Web Developer

Get The App Now

This app still on beta version only bus tracking and result feature works. Slowly other feature will be included. Right now it only available to play store, we will try to bring it on app store ASAP.

have any Question

If you have any question you can ask us by submitting from below or you can check few question we tried to answer.

What's LU Bird ?

LU Bird is official mobile application of Leading Univesity.

You'll use LU Bird to track bus or checking your result.

After log in to your home screen you can find a option called Bus tracking. If you tap on it which will take you to a map where you can see bus locations. Wait Few seconds to check bus movement.

Like an eagle can track things from sky, our bird can track bus. During old days birds used to exchange informations our bird can fetch results and others things for you.

By submitting his/her student id and birthdate you can see his/her result.

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